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  • Chain Link
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • ​PVC


Benefits: Aluminum fence is very attractive and provides a classic styling only found in Aluminum or steel. Aluminum will not rust, therefore life expectancy is upwards of 20 years. Available in many colors with black being the most common. Maintenance is minimal, you have an occasional scratch which can simply be touched up with spray paint. Gates are very durable and long lasting. Aluminum is also a very good security fence. An open spear top can be very intimidating to a prowler.

​Negatives: No privacy, Not as strong as steel

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​Choosing the right fence for you. You don't buy a fence everyday. We hope our fence buying  guide will help you decide the best fence for you.

Custom Built Wood fence installation

Benefits: A custom built wood fence is one that is built piece by piece on site. Prefabricated wood "panels" are far inferior in quality and strength. Wood fences are most commonly built using pressure treated pine. Other materials such as Cedar are more common out west. Cedar is available here in the south but the cost is often prohibitive to its use. Custom built wood fences are built to your exact grade of your land, eliminating "stair stepping" , which you commonly see with pre made panels. Pressure treated pine is insect resistant and provides good life for wood that is constantly exposed to the elements. However a wood fence will require maintenance and staining or painting is highly recommended. This should be factored into your "cost of ownership". There are many designs available in wood, that along with a moderate cost is what makes wood fence very common for privacy. Overall provides very good security, as a 6' tall privacy fence is difficult to climb. A good life expectancy of a custom built wood fence is 10-15 years with maintenance.

Negatives: Maintenance and cost of maintenance, depreciates due to life expectancy, wood is imperfect

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Benefits: PVC or Vinyl fence is by far the best fence available if privacy, long life and low maintenance is what you are looking for. This style of fence is an investment in your home. PVC is available in many styles, hundreds. It is a very attractive fence. The technology has advanced so much that originally it was only available in white, tan or a light gray, it is now available in Black, Brown, etc. Also available in simulated wood. Vinyl adds value to your home. The best selling point on Vinyl is that in 10 years a PVC fence is going to look pretty much the same as the day it was installed. The same cannot be said about wood. PVC carries a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Only maintenance that may be required is an occasional hose cleaning or if in deep shady areas an occasional pressure washing. There is no wood or metal on this fence, outside of the gate hardware, therefore there is nothing to ever rot or rust. The majority of PVC fence is available to be built meeting Miami/Dade wind codes. Meaning it will withstand a sizeable hurricane.

Negatives: Up front cost

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Chain Link

Benefits: Chain link has and always will be the most common fence. It will last a long time, I have replaced chain link fences that were over 25 years old. It requires little maintenance and is the least expensive fence available. Chain link gates are exceptionaly durable and long lasting. The most common chain link is Galvanized, which is silver bright finish. Black, Green and several other colors are available for a little additional cost. Provides good security.

Negatives: Provides no privacy, easy to climb

PVC Fence catalog


Benefits: Steel ornamental fence, also known as wrought iron has many of the same benefits of Aluminum ornamental fence with a few exceptions. It is subject to rust but only if the coating is scratched or removed down to the bare steel. If this happens it should be immediately coated to prevent rust. It is very strong and stout. It is a superior security fence, especially in the open spear styles. There is most certainly fear of being impaled if climbed! Good life expectancy of 20 years plus with some basic maintenance.

​Negatives: Can rust if not maintained, no privacy